China Financial Services

China Financial Services was established in 1990, and provides a full range of services relating to the Chinese financial sectors, in the banking, insurance and securities industries. This includes specialised financial sector market reports, financial sector staff recruitment and training, publishing and web design in English and Chinese, as well as interpreting and translation services.

Clients have included:

Midland Bank, Westdeutsche Landesbank (West Merchant Bank), British Invisibles (now IFSL), Eagle Star, Zurich Insurance, The British Council, The Chartered Institute of Insurance, BPP Training, CISI (Chartered Institute of Securities and Investment), Credit Suisse First Boston, Lloyds TSB, The European Union China Project Office in Beijing, GFMS Precious Metal Analysts, the US International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI), The World Gold Council, and Manchester Business School.


China Financial Services has worked with a number of UK-based financial training organisations and Chinese financial organisations. Activities have ranged from the simple provision of Chinese language material for the financial sector, to strategy planning and advice, and identification and introduction of the relevant Chinese and British counterparts.

HR and Training Managers at Chinese financial institutions have benefited from the participation of CFS in the British Council's China Financial Sector Training Scheme. This brought the HR and training managers to London for familiarisation with training bodies; subsequently 230 of their high-flyers were placed in Britain on work experience with major financial bodies for periods of up to one year.

CFS had also provided training and lectures in China and at the Manchester Business School in Britain on such areas as Basel II, Corporate Governance and PFI to a large number of staff from all over China.

CFS also provided two extensive courses of several months based in London and Edinburgh in 2016 and 2017 on Public Private Partnerships (PPP / PFI) to the city of Jinan in Shandong Province. These were aimed to assist middle-ranking civil servants to establish PPP units and implement PPP projects in Hospitals, Highways, Housing, Waste Management, Incinerators and a new Metro.


Conferences and Seminars

CFS can provide Chairs and speakers for Conferences in China, Europe or the US on a variety of financial topics, including, for example, Financial Regulation, Risk Assessment, Corporate Governance, PPP/PFI the UK and Chinese financial systems and the Chinese Jewellery, Gold, and Gold Mining Markets.

CFS has provided major sectoral reports on the deregulation of China's Gold Market, and also China's Gold Mining Sector, as well as on China's Electricity Sector. Other sectoral reports for private clients have included Financial Sector Training and Chinese Government Debt. CFS is happy to undertake sectoral reports within its areas of expertise.

China Financial Services can also provide publishing services for books and publications in English and Chinese, from text origination, to proofreading, indexing, and advice on printing.

Interpreting and Translation

Provision of materials in correct Chinese, and correct interpreting, are the most important, but often neglected aspect of a company's China initiative. Even the most simple statements can be mis-understood and mis-interpreted.

CFS can provide a full range of services for the translation of financial texts to and from Chinese. Interpreters specialising in particular financial disciplines can also be provided in Britain and China. Rates provided after discussion of your needs.


Through its staffing subsidary, CFS can provide you with access to a wide range of Chinese nationals in the UK or China with most major international financial qualifications. Please contact HR China International

CFS was closely involved in the successful placement of 230 Chinese high-flyers from the Chinese financial sector in London for periods of up to one year, under the British Council's China Financial Sector Training Project (1998-2003). Most major Chinese banks, insurance companies and securities houses participated, as well as the Chinese financial sector supervisors. Hosts in Britain included all the major domestic and foreign financial institutions in London, as well as in Edinburgh.

China Financial Services